Liquid Control Foundation with Niacinamide 015 Light Vanilla

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LIQUID CONTROL Foundation with Niacinamide lightweight, liquid texture, perfectly blends with the skin, ideally evens skin tone, ensuring the effect of refined complexion, the so called ”baby face effect ”. Satin formula of the cosmetic, thanks to the application with a pipette, allows for precise control of the degree of coverage and thus allows to create both natural ”make-up no make up ” effect as well as a professional, accurately correcting one.


Niacinamide Benefits:

  • VITAMINS from B GROUP are the common ingredient in cosmetics, with NIACINAMIDE being the most desirable one among them.
  • It has broad spectrum of action – lightens the skin, regulates oiliness, reduces possibility of imperfection formation.
  • Soothes irritation and strengthens the protective barrier of the epidermis, making the skin moisturized and resistant to external factors.
  • It also has anti-aging effect and eliminates skin redness.
  • So it’s no surprise that many people look for this ingredient in face, body or hair cosmetics.



NIACINAMIDE , also referred to as nicotinic acid or nicotinamide, is actually vitamin B 3 or Vitamin PP. It is obviously not a substance related to nicotine, which is found in cigarettes.

Available in shades:

  1. 002 Soft Porcelain
  2. 003 Ivory Beige
  3. 010 Light Beige
  4. 015 Light Vanilla
  5. 025 light Rose
  6. 035 Natural Beige

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