Hand Whitening Cream – 100ml



Hand and Foot Whitening Cream Nourishing and Regenerating based on unique whitening complex Lumiskim 4D White Complex reduces discolorations, minimizing their visibility. The cream very effectively cares hand skin, providing regeneration and immediate alleviation. Concentrated formula, enriched with natural betaine, optimizes level of hydration, leaving hands silky and soft.


ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY Lumiskin™ 4D White Complex lightens epidermis and whitens discolorations extremely moisturizes and regenerates rebuilds hydrolipidic barrier of epidermis WHITE PRESTIGE 4D cosmetics series is the innovative treatment, acting in four dimensions: lightens epidermis, evens out skin tone and counteracts excessive pigmentation for up to 48h after application.


Lumiskin, Shea butter, Collagen + Elastin, Lemon, Algae, Peach, Cherry, Dog rose, Aloe extracts.

RESULTS: Thanks to innovative active ingredients Eveline Hand Whitening Cream, perfectly moisturizes, nourishes and regenerates. Soothes and calms irritations, reduces skin roughness.

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